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Senior Game Designer

We are looking for a seasoned Game Designer. This person will be working closely with the design team in order to take the game vision to a whole new level!

In this role, you will be collaborating with a dream team of game makers in the development of new F2P mid-core mobile games.



  • Creative Direction: Develop and maintain the creative vision for your games, ensuring team alignment.
  • Gameplay Creation: Design engaging gameplay features that boost player engagement, retention, and monetisation.
  • Documentation and Review: Create, review, and provide feedback on design documents, builds, and roadmaps.
  • Feature Prototyping: Prototype new game features to ensure they are fun and innovative.
  • Economy Design: Create and balance virtual currencies and in-game economies to enhance game performance.
  • Tool Development: Help develop tools and systems to deliver high-quality game features.
  • Team Coordination: Assist in scheduling and prioritising design tasks.
  • UX Collaboration: Work with artists and UX specialists to ensure a smooth and enjoyable player experience.
  • Feedback Management: Collect and integrate feedback, while confidently supporting your design ideas.



  • Experience: 5+ years as a Game Designer, preferably in a lead role. Experience in core gameplay design and execution.
  • F2P Games: Experience with at least 2 mobile F2P titles from concept to live operations.
  • Communication: Excellent communication skills for presenting game concepts.
  • Technical Skills: Programming skills are a plus. Ability to combine technical precision with creative vision.
  • User Experience: Strong understanding of mobile UX design and player empathy.
  • Facilitation: Ability to lead ideation sessions and integrate feedback for continuous improvement.


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