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Senior Brand Manager – EMEA

We are partnering with one of the largest video game companies worldwide to spot a top-notch Senior Brand Manager. This individual will oversee the comprehensive brand narrative and the complete go-to-market strategy for one of their flagship titles in the EMEA region: a free-to-play first-person hero shooter enjoyed by 20 million players each month.


  • Develop Marketing Strategies: Create distinctive product marketing strategies for the product, encompassing vision, goals, roadmap, and prioritization.
  • Provide Marketing Guidance: Offer marketing insights and direction to the Game Experience Room, championing the outcomes of publishing activities.
  • Align with Company’s Goals: Ensure all marketing initiatives are consistent with Company’s objectives, target audiences, and core brand strategy for the product, and align with the overall portfolio vision.
  • Campaign Execution: Lead the development and implementation of campaigns and initiatives, ensuring exceptional creative experiences that elevate industry marketing standards.
  • Set Objectives: Establish top-level goals and key results for game marketing, collaborate with partner teams on measurement plans, guide marketing research, and enhance the team’s understanding of our future audience and landscape.
  • Liaison Role: Act as the bridge between the global product leadership team and EMEA players within Company’s Game Leadership Teams, fostering close collaboration with Company’s regional and country-based publishing organizations.
  • Product Strategy Partnership: Collaborate on product strategy for all teams, advising on market potential, optimal pricing, distribution channels, and launch sequencing.
  • Team Leadership: Lead a team covering all aspects of the Product, including esports brand management, marketing, and entertainment products.
  • Mentorship: Identify and provide growth opportunities for direct reports and broader teams.

Required Qualifications:

  • Leadership Experience: Over 2 years of experience leading and managing successful brand and marketing teams in the video game, technology, or entertainment industry, throughout all stages of a product or experience’s lifecycle.
  • Cross-Departmental Experience: At least 7 years of experience working across departments and with executive management.
  • Marketing Expertise: Strong knowledge of marketing disciplines and building cohesive campaign strategies and plans.
  • Cultural Awareness: Excellent understanding of regional and cultural landscape differences and similarities.
  • Industry Knowledge: Up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the gaming and entertainment industry.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Communication Skills: Exceptional ability to communicate effectively across teams, borders, time zones, and desks.
  • Relationship Management: Experience working across multiple teams in different disciplines and locations, with excellent relationship management skills.
  • Multilingual Abilities: Fluency in English and at least one major EMEA market language (e.g., French, German, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, or Italian).

Note this role can be based in Paris, Barcelona, Dublin, Reading, Istanbul or Dubai.


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