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Lead World / Level Designer (PC/Console)

We are currently working very closely with the development team of an unannounced game from a well-known AAA FPS IP, helping them find their new Lead World / Level Designer. This person will help the team create new detailed environments for players to explore and work in the gameplay implementation of the creative team’s vision.


-Designing and creating in-game areas

-Documentations of design upkeeping

-Working in close quarters with the art department of Design and Environmental Art


-Work experience with Unreal Engine

-Level Design experience

-Documentation Skills

-To be a good communicator

-Strong English writing skills.

-Scripting Knowledge (Basic.)

Additional Preferred Skills

-5+ years in any Game Design role, 3+ years in Level Design

-Deep Understanding of FPS Games

-Skills in Adobe XD, Photoshop, Miro and/or PureRef

-Experience in 3D Modelling Tools (Maya, ZBrush, 3DMax).


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