People can be found everywhere but only talented people make the difference.

We bring with us 20+ years of in-house experience working with some of the leading studios like King, Scopely or Social Point.

We maintain a unique network of high-quality profiles based on long term partnerships, inside industry knowledge and shared values.

With a proven eye for talent, we have successfully recruited every thinkable role in the gaming industry.

Integrity with candidates and companies is the foundation of our engagement. We work with top profiles and positions, clients and candidates remain in full control over the process.

We apply a sound methodology of agile talent mapping that filters world-class candidates while providing insights about their professional situations and expectations.




Find out more about our DNA: www.agilehrmanifesto.org



Bridging continents, engaging with Top Talent worldwide!


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The help you need to market your skills and abilities.


    The help you need to hire the best people in the gaming industry.

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      Who we are

      Lv. 99

      Seasoned Recruiter in the video games industry, with significant in-house and agency experience of working for different-sized companies, ranging from well known public listed, to fast-growing startups.

      Her talent acquisition expertise tackles Technology, Art, Game Design, Product & Production, Marketing & Growth, HR & Corporate functions. Aurélie is a positive change agent equipped with a high level of empathy and an agile mindset, that allows her to excel at matching candidates’ motivations with employers’ needs. What does she enjoy? Listening to people’s stories, feeling helpful, brainstorming new ideas, and celebrating around a nice dinner paired of course with a red glass of French wine.

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      Lv. 99

      With over 300 software engineers and 50+ executives hired throughout his career, Carles provides operational, tactical, and strategic expertise in the Talent Acquisition and HR Consulting fields.

      He is passionate about translating agile methodologies into the HR world. Carles enjoys connecting talented people over a great meal.

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      Pedro Higuerey
      Lv. 99

      Recruiter, traveller, and language enthusiast (speaks Spanish, English, French and Italian), Pedro has lived and visited over 14 countries across the globe. He loves to connect with people, learn local customs, and enjoy a beer or catch a wave along the way!


      When he’s not out exploring the physical world, you will find him interacting with people in the virtual world through video games. Having started his career as a gaming support specialist, his passion for people and video games has naturally led him to a recruiting role in the gaming industry, hiring for six major gaming companies such as Epic Games, Rovio, 2K, and King, among others.

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      What they say about us

      PowerUp Talent have been instrumental for us as we build our new studio in Barcelona and have made key hires both locally and internationally that have helped build the foundation of the studio. As well as Headhunting, their internal experience inside top gaming studios has been extremely valuable for us as we look to continue to improve our internal processes to help hire and retain the best staff in the market.

      Thank you PowerUp Talent!

      Max Stuart
      Talent Acquisition Manager at Bandai Namco Mobile

      It has been a great experience meeting Carles and PowerUp Talent. They advised me throughout the process and I learned a lot from their experience in the gaming industry. In their hands, you don’t feel just like another number or candidate. I could not be happier that my profile caught their attention because today my professional career has grown and I definitely work on what I am passionate about. Thanks.

      Elena García
      HR Manager at Smilegate

      On top of welcoming amazing talents into the Madbox family, the great part of working with PowerUp has been the feedbacks of the candidates on the process.

      They all said how passionate, kind, and heartfelt the PowerUp team has been all along.

      JN Vernin
      CEO at Madbox

      At Social Point we are always looking for trustworthy partners that could help us fill difficult roles with amazing talent. What we have found in PowerUp Talent is so much more: consistency, honesty about the talent market and advice on how to remove some blockers in the search.

      Both Aurélie and Carles have been a great support in filling tricky roles, as well as caring about candidate experience as much as we do internally. PowerUp is not only a reliable partner but also a very pleasant one to work with – keep up the great work!

      Marilena Parenti
      Talent Acquisition Director at Social Point

      You ultimately judge recruiting agencies by the quality of the talent they bring to your organization. PowerUp Talent, has always brought us top industry talent that are a perfect fit for Tilting Point.

      Samir Agili
      CEO & President at Tilting Point

      They have been working internally for Video Game studios for over a decade and from this, have been able to provide a deeper understanding of the complexity and dynamics of the role above other agencies, there’s nobody better than PowerUp when it comes to helping studios succeed in their growth journey.

      Gerard Fernandez
      CEO at Omnidrone

      At Kolibri Games we are constantly looking for highly skilled candidates but also people who can add to our culture and carry positive values.

      PowerUp played a decisive role in bringing talented people who made a measurable impact on our performance and work environment. While they probably screen hundreds of profiles, both Aurélie and Carles pay a lot of attention to bringing only the candidates they truly believe would make a great fit, saving a lot of time for the candidates and for our internal teams.

      I can truly say PowerUp was a game changer in our strategy to focus on raising the bar in terms of talent.

      Guillaume Verlinden
      Managing Director at Kolibri Games (Ubisoft)

      I am delighted to share my experience with a PowerUp Talent agency that truly went above and beyond to help me secure my dream job. From our very first interaction, they showed a genuine interest in understanding my career aspirations and personal goals and worked tirelessly to connect me with opportunities that aligned with my skills and interests.

      Their team was extremely professional and supportive throughout the entire process, providing invaluable guidance on everything from crafting a standout resume to preparing for interviews. They also took the time to get to know me on a personal level.

      Thanks to their efforts, I was able to land my dream job at Product Madness, which I never would have found on my own. I would highly recommend PowerUp Talent to anyone looking for a partner in their job search journey. 

      Daria Shatilo
      Game Economy Manager at Product Madness

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