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Lead Game Designer

The company that we partner with has a set of small teams that are working on fresh and unique f2p games. We are looking for someone who can come up with a new concept (or take an existing promising concept made by the prototyping team) and lead one of such small teams through all the stages to global release, to turn the game into a global hit!

The company has a flat structure, and gives its teams as much autonomy and responsibility as possible, as they believe this is the best way to get the best results.


  • Lead a small development team working on a new project through prototyping, soft-launch and global release;
  • Generate new ideas and concepts that fit today’s market;
  • Work closely with the Product Manager of your team on building the roadmap and proposing new features to improve specific metrics;
  • Turn those features into documentation and tasks for developers and artists;
  • Look into data together with Analyst and Product Manager to see what can be improved;
  • Provide feedback to other game designers on their projects, and seek feedback for your project;
  • Keep up to date on the state of the mobile industry, trends and inspirational games;
  • Share your knowledge and new findings within the design department.

What we are looking for:

  • 4+ years of experience in game design for mobile gaming;
  • Excelled understanding of the specifics of f2p mobile games;
  • Team management experience of leading a small development team;
  • Strong leadership and organizational traits;
  • Ability to come up with a fresh idea and lead it through prototyping, marketing tests, soft-launch, to make it a global hit;
  • Broad understanding of game mechanics and balancing game economies;
  • Ability to prepare design documentation;
  • Ability to work in distributed teams;
  • High interest in games, including casual games.

As a plus:

  • Experience in Unity;
  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

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